I am The Execution Coach. I am a firm believer that growth and comfort don't co-exist.

I am excited to lead you on this journey of holistic transformation through building your confidence, intentionality and extreme execution. I am not the type of coach to talk a good game and I stand by my product. 

I spent 7 years obtaining my electrical engineering degree from Michigan State University and once I started my career in 2015, I knew I was living the American Dream. After working my first year in corporate America, I knew that I was not living my dream nor was I walking in purpose. On year 3, I retired from corporate America and began living a life of fulfillment.

I am proud to say that I am now an international speaker, best-selling author, two time award-winning bodybuilder and founder of a global brand and lifestyle movement 1% Better. Also, I MADE THE FORBES LIST!

The beauty about all of this is that within a few short years, I was able to change the trajectory of my life and now I am living out everything that I envisioned. Now it’s your turn! Allow me to challenge and push you out of your comfort zone so that you can execute in life. Success leaves clues and they are a plethora of them inside of this program. 

The 1% Better
Lifestyle Brand

As a holistic growth and development company, 1% Better LLC is committed to empowering and changing the perspective of individuals to become the best version of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually by taking small incremental steps towards reaching their goals in life.

In doing so, we formed several pillar companies including, 1% Better Nation and the 1% Better University.

There's more...

Every day that you wake up you should ask yourself, “how can I become at least 1% Better today?”. Whether its spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally or financially whatever it is just sacrifice and execute. If you adopt this mindset today, one year from now you would have increased the efficiency in your daily operation by 365%. That mean that you are going to think on a different level, you are going to move on a different level and most importantly you are going to win on a different level. 

Never learn from a coach that didn't play in the game. welcome to the no plan b coaching program!

This program is designed to help you build internally so that you can win externally. Most people focus on investing into extrinsic things (Brand, Business, Relationships, etc.) to achieve success but fail to realize that the intrinsic things (Mindset, Confidence, Spirituality, etc.) are what make them truly successful. Investing into one without the other is like buying a car with no gas in it. As nice as the new car look, the truth is, you’ll never move forward in life. What’s the point of having a million-dollar plan without the million-dollar mindset? The No Plan B Coaching Program is going to shift paradigms within you so that you can gain the confidence to walk in your true purpose. This is you taking a step forward and never looking back again. Let’s go all in!


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